I don’t know how to use my new portable charger.

We’ve updated our portable chargers.

Model Specifications

●Size:about 115mm(height)×67mm(width)×9mm(thickness)
●Weight:about 100mg
●Power Capacity:4000mA
●Approximate Battery Lifetime:about 300 charges
●Price:¥3680(Tax and Shipping Fees not included)
●Accessory Features:built-in microUSB、Lighting Cable port
※compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod
It’s compact size makes it easy to carry. Also, it’s charging capacity is about one full charge.

Charging the Portable Charger

1.Connect the USB Cable (included) to the microUSB port
2. Connect to your PC/Laptop or a wall outlet. (USB/AC adapter sold separately)
3. When the light turns on, your battery has started charging.
※Approximate time to fully charge: 6 hours (1A), 12 hours (0.5A)

Charging your Smartphone

1. Connect the stored microUSB cable to the charging port on your smartphone.
2. Charging has begun when the light turns on.
※Do not charge your phone while charging the portable battery.
※Devices exceeding 1A charging capacity can only charge up to 1A.
※After use, please disconnect the cable from you device
※To get the most out of your battery life, don’t continue to charge your device after charging is completed.

Light Specifications

・The portable charger features two light colors: red and blue
・While charging your portable charger, the red light will blink.
・When charging is complete, blinking will stop, and the red light will stay lit.
・While charging your smartphone, the blue light will light up.
・When charging is complete, the light will turn off./div>