Fixing the Adhesion of Your Pocketbook Case

Here’s the recently popular pocketbook case.All phone models can be easily removed from the case.

However, because of this, detaching the case frequently can cause the cases’s adhesive portion to get dirty.

Please follow the steps to see how to clean the adhesive part of your case. ♫

It’s a must for those who want to keep their case’s design clean and long-lasting.

Pocketbook Case Users

Long-term use will gradually cause wear and tear to your case.

It will look dirty and the adhesive strength will decrease.

So, how do we clean it?

1. Wash with Water

①You just need water! We recommend preparing a small bowl of water to use because it makes it easier to clean the entire case.

②Use your finger to gradually put water on the case’s surface. It will eventually become clean.

③Inly air dry this product! Using a dryer or other heating products can amuse the case to become deformed.

2.Re-Sticking the Transparent Case

If you’ve repeated the first cleaning step multiple times and the adhesive strength doesn’t return, you can use double-sided tape to stick the case back to the base.

①We provide a transparent case. The cases and double-sided tape can be bought at the ¥100 store!

② Repeat Step 1, to ensure your base is clean and dry. Then, stick the tape to the base. This ensures that your tape will adhere better.

③Then, place your case over the tape. Make sure you don’t cover the camera hole.

Hope this helps!

Regularly cleaning your case will ensure that you can use it for a long time.