How to Choose the Best Case for You (3 Options)

We offer 3 smartphone case bases to design on. The case will protect your phone and feature a your favorite design. However, each case is different, so choose one that best suits your needs!

Pocketbook Case



Cloth, raw leather, and synthetic leather are used in this popular case. The leather gives  the case a luxurious feel.

The leather and cloth are susceptible to get dirty.

Smartphone Protection

Since the pocketbook case covers the back and front of your phone, even when dropped, your phone will be protected.


There are various features offered with the pocketbook case.
The case can be used as a stand, so it’s useful when watching movies or videos on your phone.
2. IC Card Slot
The IC card slot in the case eliminates the need for an additional pass holder. You will be able to pass through the ticket gates smoothly.
3. Strap
The case has a hole for a strap to be inserted. You can put a chain for add a longer strap to sling it on your shoulder like a small pouch.


You may not be used to constantly flipping open your case to access your phone, so that can be a bit bothersome. Also, because of the case’s thickness, despite having a thin, light phone, it may feel bulky

Hard Case



The hard case is made of a lightweight plastic that is durable and difficult to get dirty. It won’t make your phone feel too bulky.

Cute and Affordable

At our great price, it’s easy to make a cute design for your case.


If dropped, the case’s plastic may break. Excessive use may cause the case’s color to fade.

Soft Case Features



The case is made of a silicon, plastic blend (TPU). It’s hard to drop because of the non-slip grip. Since it’s light and thin, similar to the hard case, it won’t feel bulky.

Smartphone Protection

Unlike the hard case, the soft case covers both the  volume buttons and the power button, making it more secure.

Cute and Affordable

It’s a soft, comfortable texture. At our affordable price, it’s easy to make a cute design for your case.


Take care to not use this phone case near fire, heat, or flammable sources. Extended exposure to sunlight can make the case turn yellow.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each type. If you want more protection for your phone, I’d recommend the pocketbook case. If you’d like a thin, lightweight case that will do a decent job of protecting your phone, I recommend the soft and hard case.

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