How to Use


Choose your phone model.


Upload your favorite photos.


You can use cute backgrounds, stamps, or fonts in your design.


It will arrive in about a week!

① Choosing your Phone Model

From the top of the page, choose the phone model you’d like to make a case for.
Your selected phone model will conveniently be displayed at the top of the page ♪
You can also create designs for a portable charger, pass holder, or smartphone ring.

② Selecting your Case Material and Color

When making your case, you can choose from a pocketbook case, hard case, or soft case.
(The iPhone 5c is only offered in the Pocketbook and Hard models, the iPodtouch is only offered with in the Hard model). If you choose to design a hard case, you can choose from a white, black, or transparent base.
Click the “Start” button to start your design.

③ Selecting a Background


In the bottom tab, select the Background button.

Select the Photo button if you would like to use your saved photos or illustrations in the case design.

④Decorate Freely♪

You can add our offered illustrations, fonts, or stamps to your design. When you’re finished, tap the Finished button in the top right corner.

⑤You’re Done♪

Here’s the final confirmation screen.
Tap the “Add to Cart” button to purchase your product.
It should arrive within 7-10 business days after confirmation of your payment.

Use the Design Case app to design a one-of-a-kind, custom smartphone case, pocketbook case, pass holder,  portable battery, or smartphone ring.
At the affordable price of ¥1980, you can enjoy a made to order product. It’s perfect for gifts!
Make a stylish, cute, original case that you will be happy to use everyday ♪