Photo Accessories

Do you want to show off your case like this? It may be possible!


Here’s some posts of cases we have made.

These convenient goods make using your smartphone more fun.

Background Paper to Take Cute Instagram Photos!

How to shoot cute photos.

When taking pictures for Instagram, it’s sometimes difficult to take nice photos.

This is our recommended way to take photos.



Put a nice background behind your case to make it pop.

Make it Instagram-ready!

In our Instagram photos we use background to make the cases pop!

The photos should come out great if arranged correctly.

You can make a cute background using wrapping paper from the ¥100 store.


We recommend these.

In addition to the marble series, there are 5 cute sheet sets.

Protect your Suica and Credit Cards with a Magnetic Interference Sheet


This is an essential for pocketbook cases.Since the pocketbook case features pockets, many people probably find it convenient to store their credit cards and Suica inside.


However, magnets can sometimes interfere with how the cards work


Although a weak magnet is used, there’s a possibility that it will render the cards unreadable.

So, we recommend using the magnetic interference prevention sheet.

It’s thin and won’t get in the way!


【送料無料】電磁波防止シート iphone7 iphone7plus iphon...
価格:540円(税込、送料無料) (2018/8/22時点)

Camera Lens Set


With just the pinch of a clip, you can take excellent photos with your smartphone.

We recommend this set of 5.

0.63x Wide Angle Lens (self-shooting and landscape) 15x Macro Lens (ideal for flowers, water drops, etc.)

2x Telephoto Lens (ideal for taking photos from a distance)

198°Fisheye Lens (get an interesting view)

Polarized Lens (scattered light, reflections) 


With this set, you can take interesting photos!


It also comes with a convenient storage case to carry your lens around.